The Hiker’s Guide Exploring Greater Boise


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Hiking Idaho is pleased to announce our newest hiking guidebook—The Hiker’s Guide Exploring Greater Boise. The 272-page guidebook features 64 walking adventures within two hours of Boise including trails near Featherville, Lowman, Idaho City, Sage Hen Reservoir, Garden Valley, the three forks of the Boise River, Leslie Gulch, and the foothills of the Owyhee Mountains. There are also trails along the Boise Front including the new Freddy’s Stack Rock and Mahalo trails. This comprehensive and thoroughly researched guidebook will help you discover the most unforgettable hiking trails surrounding Boise.

Inside the guide, look for:

  • At-a-glance information including distance, total elevation gain, season, GPS waypoints, difficulty and cautionary advice.
  • The author’s favorite hikes, including view, fall, solitude, wildflower, backpack, winter, family friendly, and hikes along river and creeks.
  • Advice on safety, wilderness etiquette and wilderness conservation.
  • Local information on flora, fauna and recent wildfires.
  • 51 USGS-based topographical maps.
  • Over 100 photographs, 24 pages in full-color.

Free Sample Hikes

Hike #28 Jackson Peak

The 8,124-foot Jackson Peak rises abruptly from the South Fork of the Payette River drainage near Lowman and offers some of the best views to be found in this neck of the woods. Although the hike is demanding, the effort is well worth it. The panoramic vistas atop Jackson Peak are truly exceptional. Directly south, you see the 8,876-foot Wolf Mountain, 8,753-foot Tyee Mountain and several other notable peaks in the Boise National Forest. Looking east you will see the serrated west face of the Sawtooth Mountain range. The view north is equally impressive with a bird’s-eye view down to the South Fork of the Payette River meandering nearly 4,000 feet below.

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Hike #56 Roaring River Trail

If you are looking for solitude in the Trinity Lakes area, this hike is an excellent choice. The relatively unknown hike’s trailhead is located near the Trinity Lakes Guard Station. It is a beautiful trek that leads through wildflower-filled meadows, over several beautiful creeks, along a ridgeline with spectacular views and finally to a remote setting along the Middle Fork of the Roaring River. Like many of the hikes in the Trinity Lakes area, this one starts at high elevation and descends to its destination.

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